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Meet Penny Lerner.

Co-founder / CEO

As a Co-Founder of AYS, I have my hands in many pots throughout the day.  The best part of what I do is to create opportunities and generate revenue.  I have a knack for curating experiences that have a great Return on Investment. I love the Influencer marketing campaigns and treat Taste of Tennis as my fourth child. My job specifically is to generate new business, ensure my staff is happy, and increase revenue.


Twenty years ago, I co-founded AYS on the principle of pushing the envelope, being creative and becoming my own boss.  Today, I do just that everyday, all day. With an inspiring group of talented people.


I love my job and enjoy nothing more than sitting in a conference room with my mother and talking business over a Gian Franco Pizza, cheese fries and a snapple. Life could not be sweeter.